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Invitation to participate in our surveys

  • Jan 10 / 2014

Invitation to participate in our surveys

“A career in geospatial technology requires a combination of technical skills that are not taught as an integrated package in any meaningful way. There are excellent postgraduate courses in Geographical Information Systems but these tend to be very focused on geography, which isn’t a bad thing. But you don’t tend to get the computer skills that you need.” On the other side of the coin, there are intensive computer science courses that fail to provide the geographical knowledge needed. “It’s a hard mix to get right”

Ed Parsons, Geospatial technologist of Google (2013)

“Our demand for new GI professionals is growing but, despite the current economic crisis, we have difficulty finding people with the right knowledge and skills”.

J. Verouden, General Manager Geomatics/IM of SHELL Global Solutions (2013)

These 2 quotes illustrate how currently the geospatial recruitment sector encounters difficulties to find adequately trained geospatial professionals. The main question is how to make the training system more demand-driven and flexible.

A first step to take, is to understand the (mis)match between the demand for and the supply of competences namely:

  • the needs of the demand side : which are the main knowledge and competences required by employers, recruiters;
  • the supply of geospatial workforce: what knowledge and competences are central in the current offer of the curricula, programmes and courses in Europe.

If you are on the demand side:
Please fill in this short survey (max. 15 minutes) to tell us which competences are needed for GI-jobs (survey by the University of Salzburg)
Survey: Workforce demand in GIS&T

If you are on the GI-teaching offer side:
Please fill in this short survey (max. 15 min.) to inform us about the main competences being taught (survey by the University of Wageningen):
Survey: GIS&T Teaching supply

We need (and hope) to get the necessary feedback via the extensive network of the 31 partners from 25 countries ( academic and non-academic sector), the associated partners from the broader industry (e.g. Google, Shell…), SMEs, major GI associations and individual experts.

Thank you for your contribution,

The project management team, KU Leuven

More information.

Workforce and Teaching supply demand in GIS&T surveys results