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Strategy for the revision of the BoK

  • May 14 / 2015

Strategy for the revision of the BoK

During several sessions in the Lisbon workshop the GI-N2K consortium partners discussed and agreed a common method for revising the GIS&T BoK. The 10 Knowledge Areas of the original GIS&T BoK and one additional Knowledge Area covering the latest technological developments (e.g. semantic web, sensor web enablement …) will be used as a canvas to organize the revision process: 11 groups will be formed with several key experts from the consortium partners. The Knowledge Area leaders will also call upon the expertise and contribution of other experts in their respective areas. It is hoped that around 150 people can be mobilised in that way.

The groups will in a first iteration work on the different topics and units in order to decide on the ones that became obsolete over the past 10 years, those that need to be changed as well as to define the new concepts that could become a new topic or unit. In a workshop in September/October this year the partners will come together to discuss the results, including cross-Knowledge Area issues. In a second iteration, from October 2015 till March 2016, the different groups will look into the content of the GIS&T BoK, and will also define learning outcomes and learning materials to be included. At the end of the whole process the resulting GIS&T BoK 2.0 (European version) will be loaded in the European platform (as triple stores). After that, during the last 6 months of the project, the revised GIS&T BoK will be used and tested with the VirLaBoK tools.

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