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Results of the GI-N2K surveys

  • Aug 08 / 2014

Results of the GI-N2K surveys

A short summary of the results of the two surveys that were launched earlier this year is now available HERE

The GI-N2K Survey on ‘Workforce demand in GIS&T’
The aim of this GI-N2K Survey was to evaluate current workforce demands in GIS&T and identify presumed future directions.

GI-N2K Survey on ‘GIS&T Teaching supply’
The objectives of the survey were to collect information about which GI-subjects courses and programmes are available, to characterize the teaching supply in terms of international references, to assess the degree of awareness and the use of the BoK, to discover parts of the GI-domain that are present in today’s teaching but not covered by the BoK and to reveal existing intentions to each about GI-subjects in the near future.

Learn more about the results of these surveys
Workforce and Teaching supply demand in GIS&T surveys results