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Recap of the Lisbon meeting

  • Mar 30 / 2015

Recap of the Lisbon meeting

Lisbon was the place chosen for the mid-term meeting of the GI-N2K project, gathering almost all consortium partners. During two days (10-11th March) partners got an overview of the project’s different Work Packages and discussed about the next steps. The workshop agenda was organized in two tracks: one devoted to WP2 regarding the Revision strategy for the BoK, and the other track contained four other Work Packages: WP3- VirLaBok, WP4- Use cases, testing & validation, WP6 – Dissemination and WP7 –Exploitation and Sustainability.

Partners who attended the track 2 sessions discussed about activities in WP3, where a curriculum tool will be built on top of the new Geographic Information Science & Technology (GIS&T) Body of Knowledge (BoK) platform. Using these tools, stakeholders will be able to browse the BoK, and use BoK concept and relationships to define curricula and formulate job profiles. Further during track 2, a hands-on training session regarding the BoK platform was given, and key issues regarding the dissemination and exploitation strategy were discussed.

During the Revision strategy track, partners did a brainstorming about the GIS&T Body of Knowledge, detecting the necessity for restructuring some of the existing BoK Knowledge Areas (KA), as well as defining a new one. The decisions taken will serve as the starting point for the discussions on the topics, units and concepts at KA expertise level. Other important decisions were to determine the Revision strategy, including next steps to be taken and deadlines to be met.


Workforce and Teaching supply demand in GIS&T surveys results