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  • Mar 30 / 2015

Recap of the Lisbon meeting

Lisbon was the place chosen for the mid-term meeting of the GI-N2K project, gathering almost all consortium partners. During two days (10-11th March) partners got an overview of the project’s different Work Packages and discussed about the next steps. Continue Reading

  • Feb 09 / 2015

Agenda for the GI-N2K workshop in Lisbon

The draft agenda for the GI-N2K workshop is now available here. The workshop will have two tracks: one track will focus on the content (revision) of the GIS&T BoK, another track will focus on the BoK tools, the use cases and the exploitation plan. There will be also some joined sessions.

The workshop will take place at the Metropolitan Sana Hotel in Lisbon (Portugal) on Tuesday 10/03 (afternoon) and Wednesday 11/03 (full day).

  • Jan 12 / 2015

UCGIS BoK2 Report

In 2013 the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) launched an initiative to create a second edition of the GIS&T BoK. A series of group discussions was organized during the May 2014 UCGIS Symposium that aimed to clarify the content and kinds of fundamental knowledge, tools, and applications that comprise the GIS&T domain in 2014. Prior to the Symposium, two surveys were organized in which participants were asked to evaluate the importance of the topics included in the first edition of the GIS&T BoK, to review the existing descriptions of these topics and to propose new topics for inclusion in the GIS&T BoK 2.0. The report describing the results of the discussions and the two surveys is now available on the UCGIS website.

  • Jan 07 / 2015

GI-N2K Workshop in Lisbon (10 & 11 March 2015)

A two-day workshop will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) on March 10&11 2015 to discuss the revision of the GI-N2K Body of Knowledge as well as the functionalities of the VirlaBoK tools.

Further information and a more detailed programme of the workshop will be published soon.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop and/or would like to receive more information about the workshop, please send an email to the workshop organizers

  • Dec 11 / 2014

Two new reports on the GI-N2K surveys

An in-depth analysis and discussion of the results of both GI-N2K surveys can be found in the two separate reports on the GI-N2K surveys. The report “Analysis of the demand for geospatial education and training” presents the results of the GI-N2K Survey on the workforce demand in GIS&T. The report “Analysis of the supply of geospatial education and training” gives the results of the GI-N2K Survey on GIS&T Teaching supply.

Find the report on the Publications section of our website or download it here below

Workforce and Teaching supply demand in GIS&T surveys results