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  • Sep 23 / 2016

GI N2K SEE Workshop Sofia, 1st of September2016

Geographic Information Knowledge Workshop

The South-East European Workshop took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 1st of September 2016. The workshop was organised in close collaboration between two partners of the project, AGISEE, the Association for Geospatial Information in South-East Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria, and the Geo-SEE Institute, the South-East European Research Institute on Geo Sciences, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

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  • Jun 17 / 2016

GI-N2K Plufgest in Girona, Spain – Report

The Spanish GI-N2K plugfest was held at the Universisty of Girona (Faculty of Arts) on the 23 May of 2016 as part of the 10th Spanish FOSS4G (Jornadas de SIG Libre) and the 2nd International Qgis conference. The Workshop was structured in two parts: a first one in which the GI-N2K project was introduced form different perspectives, and a second one focused on the virtual platform (VirLaBoK) available to interact with the new version of the GIS&T Body of Knowledge.

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  • Jun 01 / 2016

GI-N2K plugfest in Debrecen, Hungary

The Eastern-European GI-N2K plugfest was held in Debrecen (26 May 2016) in the frame of the Seventh Geoinformatics Conference and Exhibition. At the opening ceremony Prof. Bela Markus introduced briefly the history and perspectives of Core Curriculum / Body of Knowledge development projects as stepping stones of GI-N2K project. After the present status and results of GI-N2K, the concepts, structure and tools of VirLaBoK were detailed.

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  • Mar 21 / 2016

GI-N2K series of workshops starts in Spain

On 23 May 2016 the Spanish GI-N2K Workshop will be organized in Girona, connected to the Spanish FOSS4G (Jornadas de SIG Libre) & International Qgis conference. The workshop will be the first in a series of GI-N2K workshops accross Europe. Continue Reading

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