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‘GIS&T Body of Knowledge’ session at EUGISES 2014.

  • Sep 24 / 2014

‘GIS&T Body of Knowledge’ session at EUGISES 2014.

The 9th European GIS in Education Seminar (EUGISES) was held in Cork, Ireland, from 4 to 7 September. The seminar provided an informal setting for European and global researchers and professionals in the GIS sector to discuss GIS education. During the seminar, a session was dedicated to the GIS&T Body of Knowledge, in which several GI-N2K project partners gave a presentation.

Frans Rip (Wageningen UR) presented the results of the GI-N2K surveys on the demand for and supply of geospatial education and training in Europe. Based on the results of both surveys, Frans talked about the current state of awareness and use of the BoK, the subjects that are missing in the BoK and the current GIS&T education and training landscape in Europe.

The presentation of Imran Hossain (Universität der Bundeswehr München) focused on the Virtual Lab for the BoK (VirLaBoK), the dynamic environment for creating, updating and using the BoK. In his presentation Imran described the different components of the VirLaBoK, the requirements and functionalities of the VirLaBoK and the general architecture.

Peter Mooney (National University of Ireland Maynooth) talked about his experiences in teaching GIS and Web-mapping courses using only Open Source Software and Open Data/VGI. His presentation explored how this approach to teaching aims to broaden the skills base of future GI professionals by introducing them to alternative GIS tools, dynamic forms of data and innovative software solutions.


Workforce and Teaching supply demand in GIS&T surveys results