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GI N2K SEE Workshop Sofia, 1st of September2016

  • Sep 23 / 2016

GI N2K SEE Workshop Sofia, 1st of September2016

Geographic Information Knowledge Workshop

The South-East European Workshop took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 1st of September 2016. The workshop was organised in close collaboration between two partners of the project, AGISEE, the Association for Geospatial Information in South-East Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria, and the Geo-SEE Institute, the South-East European Research Institute on Geo Sciences, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

A dedicated web site (http://bok.agisee.org/index.php/) had informed interested people about the workshop and allowed on line registration. The presentations were made available after the workshop to the participants after the workshop on the workshop web site.

The workshop presented the revised Geographic Information Body of Knowledge (GI S&T BoK) as well as the project tools, the Virlabok and the Curriculum Design Tool. The project, its results, namely the revised BoK and the tools were explained and demonstrated; participants could use and test them in a hands-on session. The workshop began with welcome addresses of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Bulgarian Cartographic Association and the organisers.

Twenty people participated in the workshop, with 14 from Bulgaria, 5 from the Republic of Macedonia and one person from Kosovo, most of them coming from the public sector. The organisers had invited the Bulgarian Magazine GEOMEDIA as media partner who has published an article about the workshop the day after it took place. The participants were very satisfied with the workshop and stated that they had learned much about the Body of Knowledge. Questions were asked about the future of the project and the software tools and participants showed strong interest in further using the BoK and its software tools and participating in future activities.

Ulrich Boes, AGISEE: ulrichboes@agisee.org
Bashkim Idrizi, Geo-SEE Institute: bashkim.idrizi@unite.edu.mk
Lyubka Pashova, AGISEE (local organisation): lpashova@agisee.org
Raina Pavlova, AGISEE, rsp@tu-sofia.bg

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