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GI-N2K plugfest workshops across Europe

  • Mar 09 / 2016

GI-N2K plugfest workshops across Europe

In 2016 eight local GI-N2K plugfest workshops will be organized to demonstrate and validate the updated GIS&T Body of Knowledge and the GI-N2K tools. The GIS&T BoK and the tools will be applied on several real world use cases, such as the definition of an education or training curriculum, the description of a job profile and the design of an individual study programme. This means the series of plugfest workshops will be targeting different audiences and stakeholders: academia, private and public sector, etc.

The workshops will be organized throughout Europe, and most workshops will be linked to other national or international events:

  • 23 May: Plugfest workshop at the 10th ‘Jornadas de SIG Libre’ in Girona (Spain) – more information
  • 26 May: Eastern European Workshop at the National GIS Conference, Debrecen (Hungary) – more information
  • 10 June: Italian GI-N2K workshop connected to the National AMFM GIS Italia Conference – more information
  • 14 June: Plugfest workshop at the 19th AGILE Conference in Helsinki (Finland)
  • 5-6 July: Austria-Germany joint workshop at the GI_Forum 2016 in Salzburg (Austria) – more information
  • 1 September: South-East European workshop in Sofia (Bulgaria) – more information
  • 8 September: Plugfest workshop at the final GI-N2K Conference in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands)
  • 26 – 27 September: Plugfest workshop connected to the INSPIRE Conference in Barcelona (Spain)
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