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GI-N2K Plufgest in Girona, Spain – Report

  • Jun 17 / 2016

GI-N2K Plufgest in Girona, Spain – Report

The Spanish GI-N2K plugfest was held at the Universisty of Girona (Faculty of Arts) on the 23 May of 2016 as part of the 10th Spanish FOSS4G (Jornadas de SIG Libre) and the 2nd International Qgis conference. The Workshop was structured in two parts: a first one in which the GI-N2K project was introduced form different perspectives, and a second one focused on the virtual platform (VirLaBoK) available to interact with the new version of the GIS&T Body of Knowledge.

About 15 people attended the workshop, and after a brief presentation of the VirLaBook Tools and it’s main functionalities, they could use and explore the different tools. The attendants were also informed about the structure and content of the updated GIS&T Body of Knowledge and about the possibility to explore the BoK through a Wiki environment.

All participants could register and create an account in order to access to the platform and discover all it’s possibilities. Most of the participants, who were coming from the public and private sector and were involved in the design of curriculums in GIS&T, were happy to discover a tool like that, and found it very useful for their day to day tasks. After the workshop, a questionnaire was send to all participants in order to get feedback about it’s experience with the VirLaBook and contribute with ideas to improve it.

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