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GI-N2K in the LINKVIT Journal

  • Aug 05 / 2015

GI-N2K in the LINKVIT Journal

The European LINKVIT project is focused on the harmonization and adaptation of vocational training about GI & INSPIRE, addressing the needs and demands of GI professionals in the public and private sector. In the LINKVIT Journal the rationale, objectives, training platform and modules are described and discussed in several articles. Two of these articles also refer to and discuss the results of GI-N2K, and of the GI-N2K study in particular.

The article ‘LINKVIT as part of the GIS&T education and training landscape in Europe’ discusses the position of the LINKVIT programme in the European GIS&T education and training landscape. The results and findings of the GI-N2K studies are used to demonstrated how the LINKVIT training programme covers several of the knowledge areas and topics that are expected to become more important in the future. LINKVIT also focuses on knowledge areas that are not covered in most of the existing education and training courses.

The article ‘Technological Trends Modules – being prepared for a continuously moving world’ provides an overview of the LINKVIT Modules on new technological trends. The surveys on the demand and supply of geospatial education and training of the GI-N2K project revealed some important technological trends, and the article shows how several of these trends are covered in one or more modules of LINKVIT.

The LINKVIT Journal can be downloaded here

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