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GI-Forum presentation on the benefits of the VirLaBoK

  • Jul 12 / 2016

GI-Forum presentation on the benefits of the VirLaBoK

Frans Rip of the Wageningen University presented some thoughts on the possible benefits of using VirLaBoK for GI teaching design and GI course finding at the GI-Forum Symposium in Salzburg (5-8 July 2016). This presentation and corresponding paper outlined the idea of storing descriptions of courses or curricula in the geographic information domain on the web as Linked Data. For this to become possible, each educational course offered should use standard terminology, as provided by a Body of Knowledge. This would facilitate course-finding on the web. The suitability of courses located for the needs of students could be assessed by data quality assessment from a fitness-for-use perspective.

The presentation can be downloaded here, while the paper can be found here .

Workforce and Teaching supply demand in GIS&T surveys results